“Treatment has been truly amazing for me and I have been feeling really great! While I came in looking for balance, I have overcome something really intense in my life that I never thought I could tackle. There is still work for me to do, but I feel I have jumped the biggest hurdle already. ” ~ L.S.

“There is no substitute for balanced energy – the effect on my sense of well being is extremely beneficial and always tended to with Allie’s patience and undivided attention.” ~ D.R.

“Allie is professional yet open, honest, and kind; she genuinely cares about the health of her clients. Allie has helped me to overcome an injury that western science alone could not treat. Not only am I healthier person, but my newborn baby is happier and healthier as a result of the regular maternity treatments with Allie.” ~ O.C.

“I started treatment with Allie for anxiety after a year of seeing a team of psychiatrists. My symptoms were so intense and constant, I was unable to function on a basic self-maintenance level, let alone keep up with school work and family obligations. Within three months of treatment from Allie, my life was back in balance and I no longer needed to take any of the substantial amount of medications that the psychiatrists were telling me to take. I am still surprised at how unbalanced my life was then, but even more surprised that one person could guide me back. Allie is the most natural healer I have met, and her Classical Five-Element Acupuncture treatments healed my symptoms where modern psychiatry could not. After a treatment, I always feel that I’m in a better state than I was beforehand. I now swear by acupuncture, and as long as I live near Boulder, I’ll go to Allie.” ~ D.D.

“Although it was primarily physical symptoms that brought me in to see Allie, I have experienced deep changes in my physical, mental, and spiritual health under her care. Her treatment approach accounts for the whole person which results in changes that are greater than just the alleviation of symptoms. I have also been deeply touched by her genuine compassion, dedication to providing personalized treatment, and her willingness to provide supplemental information and inspiration.” ~ M.R.

“I started acupuncture treatments with Allie after I had already had many blood tests done and yet the doctors still couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was extremely exhausted and depressed and it was affecting all aspects of my life – especially my career. After three appointments I started to notice a change – I no longer felt like I was going to fall asleep standing up and after 5 sessions I was getting back to my normal self. Acupuncture helped me and my career. I would recommend Allie to anyone who is thinking of getting acupuncture.” ~ H.O.

“I sought out acupuncture to alleviate physical symptoms from stress and anxiety. Allieís guidance has opened me to an awareness and connection of my mind and body. I have discovered such a delicate balance of self, one that needs to be attended to and nurtured. Allieís calm and honest energy is a pleasure to experience, her insight and practicality refreshing; she has an attuned gift to heal.” ~ E.L.

“I was initially unsure about bringing acupuncture back into my circle of healing modalities; but, after my first few treatments with Allie and Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, I had such substantial results that I knew I had found someone and something special. Allie has a natural ability to listen in on key aspects of your life and to create treatments that are catered specifically to your needs. She picks up on things that you didn’t even know were roadblocks to your path of peacefulness. I have seen over a dozen different acupuncturists in my life and Allie’s techniques are superb! The best way I can explain what I’ve felt is: It is as if my mind, body and spirit have been cleaned off and lifted from beneath the swamp of my collective dis-ease. I’ve found that when the inner body, mind and spirit all come together in harmonious flow, even the physical aches and pain subside. Under Allie’s care, my personal health choices have improved and my ability to stay balanced amongst my usual stressors has increased as well.” ~ R.H.

“I chose Allie Dodge Acupuncture on the recommendation of a very good friend. Following our first session, I was thrilled with how quickly Allie was able to remove stress imbalances that had been wearing me down for over a year. My mind, spirit and well-being now feel like new. I have had friends over for dinner and they thought that I had transformed my life because I was so content and enthusiastic.” ~ S.W.

Acupuncture with Allie Dodge: A Mind, Body and Spirit Connection” by Adriane Little on Jan 25, 2009 is an excellent testimonial blog post from the popular Boulder based web magazine, Elephant Journal, guide to “the mindful life.”


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