Welcome To Allie Dodge Acupuncture

Allie Dodge is a licensed acupuncturist and mind-body medicine practitioner in Boulder County, Colorado. She specializes in assisting people to successfully cope with and manage the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual manifestations of stress and life transitions (e.g. chronic pain, digestion issues, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem and self-worth).  She is also interested in working with people who desire personal growth, well-being, and health maintenance and prevention.


The mission of Allie Dodge Acupuncture is to:

  • provide a supportive and safe healing environment
  • listen carefully to your health concerns
  • partner with you to improve your well-being
  • treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit
  • address the root cause of symptoms
  • restore balance and harmony so that the body can heal itself
  • help you cope with and successfully manage disease


Allie’s vision as an acupuncturist and mind-body medicine practitioner is for people to build their inner strength and vitality, move toward their full potential, embrace life, and live in balance and harmony within themselves, their community, and the environment.

Awaken Your Inner Well-Being

Hopefully you will be inspired to take the next step in improving your health by reading more about Allie Dodge, Classical Five-Element Acupuncture, and Mind-Body Medicine on this website.

If you have further questions or would like to schedule your initial appointment, please contact Allie directly.

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