Seasonal News

Practice Update

Allie is currently on maternity leave from her practice, and is devoting her time and energy to being with her growing family.

As soon as she is ready to begin seeing clients again, she will be back in touch.

It’s Spring!

The sprouting seed is a true symbol of the energy found within Nature and ourselves (as represented by the Wood Element in Chinese Medicine) during the springtime. Think of the life-force held within a seed that is finally able to burst through the soil and grow its first leaves once stimulated by the Spring rain, the longer hours of daylight, and the warm Earth. In order to continue on its upward path in life, the seed needs strength, power, perseverance, and momentum. These are the same qualities we can more easily access within ourselves at this time of year.

Do you notice if anything is already sprouting in you? What internal seeds do you want to plant this season?

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