Seasonal News

It’s Summer!

Summer is when the Fire Element is in its fullest expression.

Some of the defining aspects of the Fire Element that correlate with the season of Summer include light, warmth, heat, love, movement, growth, expansion, maturation, and vibrancy.

As summertime is the peak of Yang, it’s important to balance this active and outward energy by slowing down and taking some time for yourself. I encourage you to do some internal reflection to discover what the energy of the Fire Element feels like within you:

Are you invigorated by the light and heat or do you feel on the verge of burnout?

Can you access the rising energy of love, joy, and laughter within yourself, and with your partner, family, friends, and community?

Is your heart fulfilled? Or, do you need to bring more passion into your life, feel more lightness in your spirit and freedom in your heart? If so, how do you plan to do so?

What can you do to ensure that warmth and heat (your “inner sun”) are evenly spread within your body so you can grow from a place of balance, harmony, health, and well-being?

How can you cultivate your radiance and brilliance?