About This Site

A special thanks to my Nana

The header image on this website is a photograph of a painting by Betsy Bradley, Allie Dodge’s paternal grandmother. The painting is roughly 3′ x 6′. Betsy Bradley (1916 – 1987) was inspired by Impressionism and the beauty of nature. Betsy Bradley often spoke about being connected with nature – a place where she could understand, capture, and put on canvass the elements as they existed in their truest form.

Allie's grandmother's painting

A special thanks to my web designer and logo artist, Robin Hamilton

“Brainstorming Allie’s business logo started by merging her grandmother’s water lily painting with the ancient chinese yin yang symbol. I wanted a balanced and soft logo which was as kind and welcoming as Allie. The larger circle in the logo represents yang and the smaller one above represents yin. The upper circle also illustrates the purity and harmony that occurs when the five elements are internally balanced. When I look at this logo, I see a heart being opened and one’s true nature revealed. The most interesting side note regarding the inspiration of this design, is that it came to me soon after being treated by Allie. There is no doubt that the qualities of my treatment manifested themselves in the design of this logo for her.” — Robin Hamilton

A special thanks to the photographers: Kyra Weinkle, Robin Hamilton, and Allie Dodge