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Call Allie at 303.818.5507 to schedule your initial appointment, or use the contact form below to send an email.

Allie also offers a short complimentary phone conversation prior to your first visit to answer any questions you might have about Classical Five-Element Acupuncture and your particular health concerns.

Address & Location

Pachamama Farm & Wellness
10771 N. 49th Street
Longmont, CO 80503

Pachamama Farm & Wellness is located in the foothills west of Longmont just 14 miles north of downtown Boulder, CO and 6 miles south of Lyons, CO.

Allie’s office is located in the green building, which is the first structure you see on the right once you pull into the driveway.

What is Pachamama Farm & Wellness?

Allie and her husband, Oliver Weber, have co-owned Pachamama Farm & Wellness since 2012. The farm is situated in the heart of unobstructed open space, with breathtaking views of the landscape in every direction.The working farm integrates organic and sustainable farming practices, medicinal herb cultivation, animal husbandry, educational classes and workshops, and community events.

As of January 2015, Allie Dodge has been offering acupuncture and mind-body medicine services in the newly renovated early 1900s farmhouse at Pachamama Farm. Allie Dodge Acupuncture brings an added component of health and wellness to Pachamama Farm. By receiving treatments from Allie, you will be provided with a unique, holistic farm-wellness experience. We also partner with other like-minded health practitioners to offer you the best care and education possible. Learn more here.

Allie Dodge Acupuncture, LLC is a separate entity from Pachamama Farm & Wellness. Only Allie Dodge is licensed to practice acupuncture through Allie Dodge Acupuncture, LLC.