Mind-Body Medicine

Allie is now offering Mind-Body Skills Groups!

By joining a Mind-Body Skills Group, you will learn effective, practical, and research-based healing techniques.

Groups offer an opportunity for participants to explore many mind-body approaches in a safe and supportive community, which often adds a deeper dimension to healing and an already existing practice.

Each session focuses on a particular mind-body skill and has three components: instructional, experiential, and discussion.

Some of the skills you learn include:

  • breath work
  • meditation
  • guided imagery
  • autogenics & biofeedback
  • mindfulness
  • creative expression & movement

By participating in a Mind-Body Skills Group and integrating the skills into your daily life, you will:

  • learn to more successfully manage physical, mental, and emotional distress
  • be empowered to take control of your health
  • play an active role in improving your well-being
  • discover growth and transformation when faced with life transitions, stress, and illness
  • gain greater self-awareness and understanding of the mind-body connection

Allie also offers individual mind-body medicine sessions for those who wish to learn the skills in a one-on-one setting.

To learn more, please contact Allie.

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